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FWEA West Coast Chapter 2020 Winter Luncheon

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West Coast Chapter

Come and join the FWEA West Coast Chapter at the Columbia Restaurant to enjoy good food and learn about Pinellas County's force main inspection and replacement program.

Pinellas County Transmission Force Main Inspection and Replacement Program

What could you be doing to stay one step ahead of your existing infrastructure as it approaches the end of its useful life? Joe Graham, JD, MBA, PE with Pinellas County (County) and Weston Haggen, PE with Reiss Engineering are co-presenting on the County’s proactive approach in evaluating their force main system following the failure of a large force main. The suspected cause of failure was corrosion from build-up of hydrogen sulfide resulting in the formation of sulfuric acid leading to corrosion and eventual breakdown of the pipe’s structural characteristics. The County has already conducted a significant amount of evaluations on their large diameter force mains and associated air release valves located in the northern and southern portions of Pinellas County.  Based on these evaluations the County has complete a significant amount of ARV replacements and key force main replacements. This presentation will include background on the 30-inch force main failure, inspection and replacements to date, the future of the program, and lessons learned.


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11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern

Columbia Restaurant
2117 East 7th Ave.
Tampa, FL 33605

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Weston Haggen, PE
(phone: 813-549-0919)



1905 Salad & Cuban Bread


Option 1: Pollo Salteado:

Boneless pieces of tender chicken sautéed in a hot skillet with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, green peppers, Spanish onions, fresh mushrooms, potatoes, chorizo and red wine. Served with yellow rice.


Option 2: Roast Pork “A La Cubana

Generous slices of roast pork with a delicious marinade. Served like back home in Cuba with black beans, white rice and platanos.


Option 3: Sea Bass Russian Style

Boneless fillet of sea bass, breaded with seasoned Cuban bread crumbs and grilled. Garnished with lemon butter sauce, hard boiled eggs and parsley. Served with yellow rice.


Option 4 - Vegetarian “Cubana

Yuca, black beans, white rice, platanos, tostones and sautéed fresh vegetables.


Dessert: Flan

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