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November 2018

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West Coast Chapter 6th Annual Sporting Clays Tournament
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Events in the month of November 2018
FWEA West Coast Chapter 2018 YP Lightning Night

YP LIGHTNING NIGHT – Special Presentation + Hockey Game

GOOO BOLTS! FWEA proudly presents a special evening at the Amalie Arena. The Stadium’s ICE MASTER is going to give us an exclusive presentation on the secrets of ice making, with a potential opportunity to bring us on a behind-the-scene ice rink tour. After the presentation, Tampa Bay Lightening will take on Nashville Predators to compete for the win. Come join us to learn fun facts and cheer for our favorite home team. GO BOLTS!

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FWEA/FBC Utility Seminar

FWEA/FBC Joint Seminar

Florida Utilities flowing Toward Becoming
Utilities of the Future


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14th Annual Treasure Coast Joint Scholarship Golf Tournament

The Treasure Coast Chapter of the Florida Water Environment Association and Region III of the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association will be hosting the 14th Annual Joint Scholarship Tournament at the beautiful Champions Club in Stuart on Friday, November 2, 2018.

Please come out and join us for a fun day on the golf course for a great cause!  

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FWEA West Coast Chapter Fall 2018 USF Tailgate Event

Come join the West Coast Chapter's USF Tailgate Event and cheer on the USF Bulls as they take on the Tulane Green Wave.

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PACP/MACP/LACP Training Version 7.03

Complete NASSCO Certification for Pipeline, Manhole & Lateral Assessment:

  •     Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program 16 Hours (Days 1 & 2)
  •     Manhole & Lateral Assessment & Certification 8 Hours (Day 3)

All manuals, test materials, processing, break refreshments and lunch each day included. Limited class size. 

Cost is $1,100 for FWEA members and $1,150 for non-members. 

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FWEA and FSAWWA Collection System Rehabilitation Luncheon

This luncheon will feature several professionals presenting on the following topics:
  • Asset Management - From Criticality to Inspections to Rehabilitation 
  • A Utility Managers Dream - Using Smart Infrastructure and Intelligent Dashboards with Data Visualization to Drive Management, Operations, and Maintenance Decisions
1 PDH and 0.1 CEU will be offered


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FWEA West Coast Chapter 2018 Fall Luncheon

Presentation Title: Pasco County Biosolids Facility: Achieving Class AA Biosolids Treatment Via Solar Drying Paired with Limited Fossil Fuel Pasteurization 

Speaker Names: Justin Roessler of Pasco County, Blake Merrell of Merrell Bros.


Pasco County: One of the fastest growing areas in the greater Tampa Bay region, Pasco County features a unique blend of undeveloped, open spaces in close proximity to the modern, vibrant communities that makes it a great location to live, visit, and do business. Pasco County Utilities seeks to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions to its residents. Pasco’s leadership has sought solutions to its current and future utility challenges.


Merrell Bros., Inc.: Merrell Bros., Inc. has been solving wastewater biosolids challenges since it was established in 1982. With nationwide experience, Merrell Bros. passionately purses agriculturally oriented methods of residual management, custom tailored to environmental, regulatory, and geographical factors. The partnership with Pasco County allowed Merrell Bros. to combine globally proven methods of biosolids treatment, in a unique way and has been an excellent testament to their foresight and preparedness in an ever changing industry. 

On April 11, 2012, the Pasco County Purchasing Department, at the request of the Utilities Services Administration, solicited competitive sealed proposals for the disposal and recycling of biosolids resulting from Countywide wastewater treatment processes. The intent of this solicitation was to identify innovative solutions that would reduce the costs associated with transportation and disposal of biosolids materials, and to ensure the County had a solution in place years into the future. After a lengthy process, Merrell Bros. was awarded a project that would combine enclosed, odor controlled greenhouse structures, used to dry incoming biosolids substantially, paired with a gas burning pasteurizer facility, that would achieve the temps needed to meet FDEP Class AA acceptance. These greenhouses receive dewatered biosolids from multiple County sources, and dry that biosolids with sunlight, greenhouse affect temperature escalation, routine mechanical agitation, and robust air exchanges. Moist, wet air is evaporated from the 16%-solids biosolids, and is pushed out of the buildings through bio-filters, filled with carbon media, along the north end of the greenhouse. These pre‚Äźdrying greenhouse structures increase the solids content of the sludge from the delivered average of 16% to approximately 60%-solids prior to pasteurization. The patented combination of this solar drying is used in conjunction with a second stage of treatment: oven pasteurization. A specially designed oven system is then used to heat the biosolids to the required temperature and duration for pasteurization, under the requirements of USEPA Part 503 regulations. Through the pasteurization process, additional moisture in the sludge cake is evaporated resulting in a further increase in solids content. This combination results in a dry, agriculturally-desired fertilizer that has 7% nitrogen, 4% phosphorous, and is easily applied granularly to sod, citrus, pasture, sugar cane, and other fertilizer input applications. This fertilizer product exceeds all criteria needed for FDEP approved class AA treatment. 

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FWEA, FWEA Utility Council, and FSAWWA Drive Shack Networking Event

 Join us for our 2nd Annual Sporting Event at Drive Shack in Lake Nona.

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FWEA Manasota 4th Annual Sporting Clays Shoot

50 Shot Tournament with Four Person Shoot-off Finale

The Manasota Chapter is excited to be putting on our 4th Sporting Clay Shoot at the Sarasota Trap, Skeet and Clays facility. Novice and expert shooters are all welcome. Teams will proceed between the shooting stations and each team could share a single shotgun so there’s no need to get everyone a gun. Please bring your own gun if you have one but there are several guns available for rent at the facility. Ammo is available at the facility as well but if you bring your own, please make sure it’s acceptable to the facility. The highest scoring five individuals from the tournament will enter a shootoff at the end of the team play. Trophies will be presented for top 3 teams after door prizes are announced and then the top 5 individuals will compete for 4 trophies. GML Coatings will be on- site providing a demonstration of their protective system. Please sign up to sponsor the event if you would like your company’s name on the event T-shirts and station signs and your logo on the banner.

The cutoff date for sponsors to be included on the event shirts is Friday, November 2, 2018.

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