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Manasota Chapter Sponsorship
5/26/2021 - 1/31/2022
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West Coast Chapter 2021-2022 Sponsorship
8/3/2021 - 6/1/2022
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Central Florida Chapter Sustainable Utility Management for the Future
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First Coast 2021 Holiday Party and Toy Drive
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FWEA West Coast Chapter Member and Sponsor Appreciation Night 2021
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Southwest Chapter Member & Sponsor Appreciation Holiday Social

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West Coast Chapter 7th Annual Sporting Clays Tournament
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Leadership Development Workshop
2/27/2022 - 2/28/2022
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Events in the month of March 2021

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This is the regular meeting of the Central Florida Chapter Steering Committee. Please reach out to Jennifer Ribotti or Megan Nelson for the information to access the meeting.
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Nestor Murray with McKim & Creed presents:

“Find & Fix” LOOK AHEAD! A budgetary forecast for Water System Utilities related to the requirements under the new Lead and Copper Rule (LRC) Revisions.
This presentation aims to provide a technical and budgetary guide for Water Systems Utilities as a “Look Ahead” for the required LSL Inventory, and CCT Evaluations & Studies been proposed under the EPA’s new Lead and Copper Rule (LRC) Revisions. The technical and budgetary guide includes start-up activities, inventory creation through asset management, CCT evaluation and studies, and estimated costs associated with the implementation of the new rule.
Under the new Lead and Copper Rule (LRC) Revisions, the EPA is requiring all Water System Utilities to ‘‘Find-and-Fix’’ by completing and maintaining a Lead Service Line (LSL) inventory, sampling monitoring program (at homes, schools and child care facilities), and remediate the source of elevated lead. Additionally, the EPA is requiring for Water Systems Utilities to evaluate their corrosion control treatment (CCT) based on sampling results from the customer taps. The final EPA’s LCR also establishes a new trigger level of 10 mg/L. At this trigger level, systems that currently treat for corrosion would be required to re-optimize their existing treatment. Systems that do not currently treat for corrosion would be required to conduct a corrosion control study.

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3/29/2021 - 3/30/2021
For more information on the FWEA Utility Council Meeting Schedule, please visit www.fweauc.org or contact ucadmin@fweauc.org.


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