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17th Annual SWFL Water & Wastewater Expo Exhibitor Registration
4/17/2024 - 8/12/2024
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Central Florida Chapter Sponsor 2024-2025
5/1/2024 - 7/31/2024
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Operations Challenge Sponsorships 2024-2025
5/1/2024 - 11/1/2024
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West Coast Chapter 2024-2025 Sponsorship
5/1/2024 - 9/30/2024
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South Chapter Annual Sponsorship 2024-2025
5/9/2024 - 8/1/2024
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Southeast Chapter Sponsorship
5/19/2024 - 8/9/2024
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Manasota Chapter Sponsorship 2024
5/26/2024 - 1/31/2025
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FWEA Southwest Chapter FY24/25 Gold Sponsor
5/28/2024 - 12/31/2024
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FWEA Biosolids Seminar
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FWEA First Coast/FSAWWA Region ll ASCE Intern and Young Professionals Connection Event - Attendees and Sponsors

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Manasota Chapter Inaugural Long Drive Competition
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West Coast Chapter - Happy Hour at Woven Water Brewing Company
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FWEA CFC/FSAWWA Region II 3rd Annual Fishing Tournament
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South Chapter (In Person) Networking and Dinner Event
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17th Annual Southwest Florida Water & Wastewater Exposition Technical Program Registration
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FWEA West Coast Chapter Summer Quarterly Luncheon
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2024 FWEA First Coast-FSAWWA Region II Golf Outing
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24th Annual FWEA Central Florida Chapter Scholarship Golf Tournament
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Southeast Chapter - Coastal Cleanup
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FWEA Southwest & FSAWWA Region V 23rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament
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FWEA Collections Committee Sponsorship
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Events in the month of May 2022
On May 13 at 1 PM, the FWEA Utility Council and the Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR) will convene a joint webinar on complying with HB 53’s needs analyses for domestic wastewater.   This webinar will provide an opportunity for domestic wastewater utilities to learn all they need to know on how to complete EDR’s Wastewater Template for Needs Analysis, which is due to the county in which the utility operates by June 30, 2022.  Webinar leaders will also explain to county representatives how to appropriately compile and submit local reports to EDR by July 31, 2022.  As part of this webinar, a utility representative will provide specific examples on how to interpret and respond to each reporting template question.  
More information, including log in information to the webinar, will be provided in the coming weeks.  If you have any questions, please contact Shelley Long at ucadmin@fweauc.org.

There is no cost for this webinar.  

FWEA Central Florida Chapter &
EWB FL Professional Chaptermore info...
Regional Approaches in Addressing I&I – Part 2
This year, our round table will consist of west Florida utilities and experts to discuss their unique approaches to identify, abate and prevent I&I within their collection systems. This round table is a follow-up to the original I&I roundtable FWEA hosted a couple of years ago to discuss the approaches that many west Florida utilities were taking to tackle I&I issues within their collection systems. The presenters will discuss topics, such as: 

  • What were the project drivers?
  • Recap what the I&I Identification/Abatement Program approach
  • What was found during investigations?
  • How much were the investigation or abatement costs?
  • What were the project successes?
    • Reduced flows at plant?
    • No wet weather related SSOs?
    • Grant/Funding opportunities?
    • Long term cost savings?
  • How are you addressing private laterals?
  • What’s next?
    • Permanent Flow Monitoring?
    • Additional project areas?
    • Lessons Learned?
Our guest panelists will include Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, City of Largo, and industry leading specialists. Join us for this this great group of presenters and stay tuned for more additional event details!
  • City of Largo - Robert Stoltenberg
  • Hillsborough County – Xiongfei Xie
  • Pinellas County – Dan Glaser
  • Mead & Hunt – Pratika Patil 
This meeting is for committee and chapter leaders that interact with the website. Topics to be covered include:
  • Adding an event to the calendar
  • Uploading documents to the File Archives
  • Event Admin role
  • Managing Projects & Committees
  • Sending out Chapter e-blasts